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The Prince Of Tennis Questions and Answers

  • QUESTION ONEYou are over at a friends house for the night.  What would you be doing?
    The prince of tennis question from

  • QUESTION TWOWhile you are at your friends house, the power goes out.  What would you do?
    The prince of tennis question from

  • QUESTION THREEYour favourite thing to do out of these options below is...
    The prince of tennis question from

  • At one episode, Seigakus former buchou came to visit the regulars. What was that former captains name?
    The prince of tennis question from

  • In Prince of Tennis; Another Story the 2nd OVA of that showed the Hyoutei Regulars in their first years right? Then, give me the pair that went against Atobe on a One Vs. Two or Single Vs. Doubles match.
    The prince of tennis question from

  • Who is the main creator of Prince of Tennis?
    The prince of tennis question from

  •  (SEIGAKU) Who is The Prince of Tennis?
    The prince of tennis question from

  • Who is the Data-expert of Seigaku?
    The prince of tennis question from

  • Who is Seigakus Tensai?
    The prince of tennis question from

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