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Pick up your paddle and put on your thinking cap for this exciting trivia quiz about the exciting world of table tennis! With a storied history dating back to the 1880’s in Britain, there’s sure to be something new in this trivia quiz! Do you know who invented the sport? Who governs the international community of Table-Tennis?

Can you recall the first year table tennis became a part of the Olympics?There’s always something exciting in the world of table tennis, with so much changing year to year. Whether you’re hanging out in your dorm room, using a coffee table to play a quick game with friends, or part of a league honing your skills, this trivia test is for you!
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    What is the name of the most common grip in table tennis?

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    LIU Shiwen is at number one position in the top 10 list of women table tennis players of the world. She belongs to which country?

This sport consists of two or four players hit a light weight ball back and forth across a table with the aid of a racket. A net divides the table of two, which indicates on which side the players should stand in order to play....

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    What's this sport's other name?

So if you are teaching somone how to play just go to this site.

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    What is a corke?

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    You must be serving to score points?