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    The 3rd Officer uses the engines and sound signaling apparatus for collision avoidance, what will be his appropriate action to make prior to its usage

The automobile industry is quite extensive in terms of study and as a result people specialize in specific parts of cars. This quiz tests and gauges your understanding on steering and suspension of cars.

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    This type of suspension is better known as:

As we all know, many hands make light work.  Perhaps you've always thought about joining Steering with MOPS but just weren't sure where you'd be your best.  This fun and easy quiz can help you figure out...

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    When I am out to dinner with a group, I usually:

Steering Questions & Answers

What component allows the control arms to pivot at the body attachment points?
The control arms do not move at the body attachment points
Match the following
Cooler Steering Rack Reservior Pump Valve Body Unit
How do you adjust the toe?
Through the terminals