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A comprehensive database of more than 23 species quizzes online, test your knowledge with species quiz questions. Our online species trivia quizzes can be adapted to suit your requirements for taking some of the top species quizzes.

A ‘species’ is defined as a basic unit of biological classification. Aristotle has been noted for using the word in his ancient texts, but it was Charles Darwin who really brought the term into wider use. You, of course, already know that – but if you didn’t then learn more with our species quizzes!

If you can tell a maned sloth from a pale-chinned sloth, or if you’ve studied your copy of ‘On the Origin of Species’ so hard your friends have started calling you ‘Darwin’, we challenge you to take part in our brilliant quizzes! Packed with brilliant nature questions that are sure to test your intellect, it’s surely the survival of the fittest!

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  • ESA and Border SecurityPeople are dying, they are getting killed because we have those big, gaping holes in our security, and they are going into some of the most inhospitable pieces of land and they are dying. They are being dehydrated. They are going through these cactus-ridden areas, and they are dying. And we are putting Border Patrol out there and saying, ‘‘Oh, just go on foot, just go on horse, because we would much rather protect this little cactus and this little roadrunner.”- Representative Chaffetz (R) on the connections between the ESA and national security.

  • The Science Behind the ESA... I watch the timber industry being decimated because of the spotted owl, and we later learned that the spotted owl didn’t just need old growth forest, old growth stands, it could really reproduce and nest in things as simple as a K-Mart sign, so we have seen examples where the Endangered Species Act has decimated an industry. - Representative Duncan (R) on a hearing on the science used in the Endangered Species Act.

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  • Species A is an organism which moves around by latching on to Species B.  Species B is not effected by Species A.  Is this interaction an antagonism?
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  • Species C and Species D live in the same rainforest.  Both species are carnivores and their diets are the same.  What is the relationship between Species C and D?
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  • Species E eats the dirt that Species F cannot clean by itself.  Is this interaction an example of commensalism?
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  • What type of mobility does this organism have?

  • This plantae species is part of which phyla

  • What were the four main characteristics of the Plantae Kingdom?

  • What’s your favorite kind of food?
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  • What sounds like the best place to live?
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  • How would you describe your approach to life?
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