Saving Private Ryan Quizzes & Trivia

Saving Private Ryan is an American World War II classic perhaps only rivaled by the likes of Das Boot. This epic deals with the invasion of Normandy and is acclaimed for its portrayals of war. As the name would suggest, the bulk of the film deals with the finding of the private.
What is the private's full name? Who was the one who is tasked with bringing this private home safely? How many men were on Private Ryan's full team that goes off to recover the lost private? This film will take you through an emotional crash course of the horrific nature of war, if you are ready, buckle up and prepare for one heck of a ride. Test your knowledge with these quizzes. Do you really think you know all of the answers? Are you ready for the challenge?

If you have watched this movie, then you are familiar with Captain John and his team. Their self-discovery is fascinating. The quiz below is on the whole story line and the characters. Enjoy and all the best.

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  • Sample Question
    The three Ryan brothers all died in Normandy.

The question looks ridiculous right? Come to think of it do you still remember the gunshot? Saving private Ryan is a movie full of actions and I am sure you won't want to forget the movie. Lets try our prowess on how well we...

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    Do you still remember the year the movie was released? if so when?

How big of a movie buff are you? Play now and score big!

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    Who directed the 1998 action, "Saving Private Ryan"?

Saving Private Ryan was a break through in the war movie world. With the up-close and in the action camera shots and inspiration lines, it was deemed 'Best picture' and many other things. So, fancy your hand at finishing quotes...

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    "Well, it seems to me, sir, that God gave me a special gift...