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The kings have had a rich history. They are in the same state as some of the greatest teams in the entire league and at some point, this rivalry got extremely intense. But there are many interesting things one could learn about the Sacramento Kings and that is why we put together these questions. Before you go to our main trivia, you should first take a look at these samples.

The Kings are the only team in the major professional North American sports leagues located in Sacramento and play their home games at what arena? They originated in Rochester, New York, as the Rochester Seagrams in what year? In 1972, the team relocated to Kansas City, Missouri, initially splitting their games between Kansas City and Omaha, Nebraska, and taking up what name? Find the answers and win the championship.
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    What Sacramento King was 8th in scoring in the 1995-96 NBA season?

What do you know about NBA - Sacramento Kings basketball team

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    What lottery position did the Sacramento Kings draw for their lone pick in the 2007 NBA Draft?

Forget Myers-Briggs. With tipoff approaching in the fall, this is the only personality quiz that matters!

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    Your boss wants you to take part in a big team project. She's leaving it up to the team to decide who leads and what direction the project should take. How do you approach it?

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    Sacramento Kings owners the Maloofs arranged for which non-NBA city to host the 2007 All-Star Game?