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This classical romantic-tragedy by legendary William Shakespear is a favorite of every literature student. So, since you are here, we assume you have read or maybe even saw the play too. If so, then you should be able to answer...

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Everything is fair in love and war, and Romeo and Juliet is the perfect tragedy about both. William Shakespeare wrote this tragedy, which was one of the most famous plays during his lifetime. The play is about two lovers named...

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Welcome to the Trivia Questions Quiz on Romeo And Juliet ACT 3 Scenes 5. In the fifth scene of this marvelous play, we got to see the lovers finally spend the night together as a couple but they are still hiding it from people....

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When two young members of feuding families meet, forbidden love ensues. Based on Act 5, it will gauge how much knowledge you really have and expand your insight on the act. All the best and enjoy.

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Who Said It

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Thus is quiz about quotes from the Shakespeare story Romeo and Juliet.

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Welcome to the Romeo and Juliet Play MCQ Quiz. Juliet is promised to another but when she sees Romeo at the party decides he is the one for her but feels side, he belongs to the enemy family. One of the play's best moments...

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Can you pass this Romeo and Juliet MCQ quiz? The story of Romeo and Juliet is, no doubt, one of the most heartbreaking ones written by the great William Shakespeare. It tells of two lovers whose feelings for each other not...

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Romeo and Juliet act 3 quiz trivia. In act 3 we see Romeo tries to keep the peace with the Capulets but it all goes down after a series of events that see him getting banished for murder. Juliet too loses her trust in her nurse...

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Romeo and Juliet, act 4, quiz trivia. The story of Romeo and Juliet is of two lovers written by William Shakespeare. This quiz is designed to help you review what you remember from act four. In this act, we see Friar Laurence...

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Below is a Romeo and Juliet quotes quiz trivia. This ill-fated love story is one of the most famous works from the great William Shakespeare. Don’t waste your love on somebody who doesn’t value it is one of the...

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Romeo and Juliet by Shakespeare are one of his best works, and it tells the story of two rival families who have so much hate for each other that their children`s love for each other ended in death and too much saddened. How well...

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Welcome to the Romeo and Juliet trivia quiz. This book is an undoubtedly one of the most romantic book ever written as it shows the story of two people, so in love with each other, but their parents would not let their love be....

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