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  • Sample Question
    Matt sold 35 tickets to the school play and Renee sold 45 tickets. What is the ratio of the number of tickets Matt sold to the number of tickets Renee sold?

Use your knowledge of percentages to answer the following questions.

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    A serving of ice cream contains 240 calories.  One hundred forty-four calories come from fat.  What percent of the total calories come from fat?

This quiz will test your knowledge on Ratios, Rates and Proportions!  Good Luck!!

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  • Sample Question
    A team won 10 games and lost 7 games.  What was this team’s ratio of wins to losses?

In the study of mathematics, it’s one thing to know your numbers and a whole other story when it comes to your vocabulary. In this quiz, test your knowledge on rate, proportions and ratios to see how much you know!

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  • Sample Question
    A comparison of two quantities or numbers

Questions: 10  |  Attempts: 198   |  Last updated: Dec 12, 2019
  • Sample Question
    Simplify the ratio 6 : 42

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Ratio Questions & Answers

What percent of your food sales do the food costs represent? Your food costs are $2,900.  Your total food sales are $11,600. 
The answer is 25%, it multiplies 2,900 x 100= 290,000 and it divides the result by 11,600.
A model of a car is 5 inches long. The actual car is 14 feet long. What is the ratio of the models length to the actual length of the car?
Why ist 5:14?the unit of measurement aren't the same so it must be changed to same unit and will be 5:168
What is the difference between Rate and Ratio?
Rate and Ratio are two terms you are more likely to encounter in subjects like mathematics, business, etc. You will actually find them interesting if you understand what they stand for and how they are calculated. The term 'rate' can be used in vario