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  • You have invited your girlie frond ,Dayna, over your house.She seems hungry and her stomach keeps growling. She says nothing.You decide to feed your starving Dayna and go to the freezer. Inside you find:A frozen pizza, Bagel Bites, your favorite hot pockets, and frozen mac n cheese.Which do you choose to make for her? 
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  • Daynas are very shy creatures, however you managed to make her come out of her shell (just a little bit)How is Dayna in your opinion?
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  • Check all of the things you enjoy about Dayna.
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  • Purpose is _____
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  • To infer means to _________.
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  • The theme for writing is its __________.
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  • 4 + 4 = ?
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  • 3 / 3 = ?
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  • 4 * 5 = ?
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  • Coach: Your lesson went really well today. Teacher: Thank you!Coach: How did you determine to teach a lesson on inflectional endings?

  • Coach: I saw that some of the students were not involved in the lesson today. Teacher: I know! I am still attempting to master that aspect of the READ 180 program. Do you have a few suggestions?Coach: How often are you using the structured engagement routines, and how do students respond to these routines?  

  • Coach: Ms. Thomas I would like to come to your classroom for an observation.Ms. Thomas: Sure, just let me know what work best for you!Coach: What time is your planning period on Tuesdays and Thursdays?

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