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A programmer is someone who creates computer software using different computer languages. So, if you’re into computer programming, coding, developing, or engineering software, these quizzes will be right up your alley. Are you ready to test your knowledge of computer languages, best practices, and history? Solidify yourself as an expert in your field by blowing this quiz out of the water.

Can you name five primary computer languages programmers work with? True or false: Code monkey is another term for a programmer. Which British countess and mathematician is considered to be the first programmer in history? Who was the first person to run a program on a functioning modern electronically based computer? Who made up the ENIAC? On which day of the year is Programmer’s Day annually celebrated?
Attempt our quizzes on programmers and see what you know about the nature and history of the job of a programmer!
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Computer programming consists of designing and building an executable computer program for completing  a well-defined computing task. It is very popular nowadays, where a lot of people are still scared to learn about it...

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    When did the first computer program appear?

This is a simple competency test. By passing the test, you ensure your resume will be considered for the position.Please provide your email address in the name field so we know which resume is yours.

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    What is the default name of an ant project file?

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    Which contains a decimal?

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    What does C++ stand for ?

Copyright ©Marcus Green 2002 Last Updated 18 Sep 2003 This exam is based on the objectives of the JDK 1.2 exam. You can see set of 60 questions for the JDK1.4 exam at JDK1.4 Exam

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    Which of the following lines will compile without warning or error?   1) 2)3) 4) 5)


Programmer Questions & Answers

What is the primary role of a programmer? A. Develop computer programs B. Hardware technician C. Play computer games
The primary role of a computer programmer is to develop computer programs. It is the programmer’s duty to design, create, arrange, and fix the computer programs so that they can be thoroughly enjoyed by people. The programmer knows a lot about
Which two ways can the developer retrieve the available fields if the variable myObject represents the name of the object? A developer needs to display all of the available fields for an object. ...
Use getGlobalDescribe()get(myObject).getDescribe().fields.getmap () to return a map of fields Use schema.describeSObjects(new String[] {myObject}[0].fields.getMap() to return a map of fields
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