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Peter Bartlett is an American actor, who at 72 years old has made some great appearances throughout his career. Born in Chicago, he has remained active since 1964. During that time he has be famed for his role as Nigel on the soap opera One Life to Live, which aired on ABC. He played this role from 1991 until 2012, the year the show was cancelled. He started to portray the cousin of his character as well in 2009.

Are you aware that he has appeared multiple times on Broadway at the Lincoln Center? Did you know that he has been well received by his audiences as well as his critics? He has continued to star in many Broadway shows since then. If you think you can name them all, try one of our many Peter Bartlett quizzes and find out!

Find out more on this ageless and one of the most respected Hollywood actor Peter Bartlett..

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  • Sample Question
    Peter Bartlett played what role in the 2005 film "The Producers"?

Sit back, relax and have fun with this Peter Bartlett quiz!

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    Peter Bartlett was born on August 28, 1942 in what midwestern city?

Peter Barlett started off in broadway before appearing in television series and films. He is a talented actor and even starred in Disney films. How well do you know him?

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    In which month was Peter born?

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