Perez Hilton Quizzes & Trivia

Perez Hilton is actually named Mario. This Cuban American was born and raised in Miami. With one younger sister, he has enjoyed a proud heritage. He attended New York University from which he graduated with honors.  Are you aware that in 2000 he received his degree in Drama? What many people known him for today though, is as the gossip columnist and the blogger of his personal website.
Perez has a child conceived by a surrogate mother and donor. Did you know that he has also made a name for himself acting in seventeen films? If you think you know how many nominations he has received, test your knowledge with one of our many Perez Hilton quizzes. See how much you really know!

Test your knowledge of all things relating to Perez Hilton.

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  • Sample Question
    What is the source of the nickname that Perez Hilton has adopted?

Perez Hilton is an American blogger who is known for his controversial topics concerning American's celebrities. He was won awards for the work he does and has a pretty massive fan base. Do you know Perez?

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  • Sample Question
    What is his main occupation?

Controversial and well-known personality, Perez Hilton, has been a notorious character for the last decade. If you have an affinity and fascination on this one-of-a-kind "celebrity", then try out our quiz to see if you know all...

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  • Sample Question
    What is Perez Hilton most well-known for?