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Orlando Bloom is originally from England. He is of course quite well known for his talents on screen with the Lord of the Rings trilogy. Many people do not realize that his father is a political activist, one who is quite well known for fighting for civil rights. Sadly, he passed away when Bloom was only four.
Many people do not realize that Bloom is very dyslexic but as a result, he has thrived in pottery, sculpturing, and one other artistic area. He studied poetry and performed readings when he was a young child. Were you aware that he broke his back when he fell three stories from a roof? And that he was feared he would become paralyzed for life but he continued to act? See how much you really know about this star and others by taking one of our many quizzes!

Orlando Bloom is British actor, who mostly known by his actions roles in the The Lord of the Rings and the Pirates of the Caribbean trilogy!

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    In which year Orlando Bloom was born?

Have some fun with this super trivia quiz on Orlando Bloom

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    Who co-starred with Brad Pitt in "Troy"?

Orlando Bloom has been lighting up the big screen with mysterious and sultry characters that leave us wanting more from this handsome actor. Try out this quiz to see how well you know the one and only, Orlando Bloom. 

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    Which character did Orlando Bloom portray in the "Lord of the Rings" series?