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Of Mice And Men Questions & Answers

What would happen to Lennie without George (according to Crooks)?
According to the crooks, Lennie will go to a mental hospital if George goes away. However, as far as that goes, that’s because Lennie is written in this book in such a way that it is obvious something is wrong with him. The reader never knows w
Who is older in Of Mice and Men?
The story “Of Mice and Men” was also made into a movie. It includes two main characters during the Great Depression when these two characters are trying to find work. They travel from farm to farm doing work until it is time to move on. T
What does Slim do with the newborn puppies?
He actually only gave one puppy to Lennie. Slim did drown some of the puppies as well, four of them, because he said the mother couldn't feed that many. He did also tell Candy he could have one of the puppies to replace his old dog if he wanted to.
Which of the following does not foreshadow later events in the novel?
It should be 4 because that never even happened in the story, Lennie is the one who held the mouse, plus it was already dead.