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Do you think you can answer questions based on the hit TV show, NCIS? If you are a fan of the team of special agents who conduct criminal investigations in the Navy and Marine Corps then get ready to use your special detective powers to answer some tricky trivia questions! Answer questions about this specialized team of criminal investigators and their mysterious world.

Do you think you know the different agents, the criminal cases, and the history of this popular TV show? Unlock the key and solve the case by taking out NCIS quizzes! Answer trivia such as, “How does Caitlin Todd die in the show?”, “Who is the Senior Special Agent of the MCRT?” and, “Which character has an affinity for Goth fashion?” If you feel ready to answer these and other questions, then start these quizzes now!

NCIS is undoubtedly one of the longest and amazing crime shows there is and the team behind Jethro Gibbs is not only smart but capable of solving a lot of cases. Do you think you would be a valued addition to the team? Take up...

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    What kind of house would you choose?

Are you Kensi? Are you Callen? Are you Sam? Are you Hetty?

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    Which of the following would you prefer to do on your weekend?

Here's yet another quiz to test your knowledge of the hit CBS and USA television show, NCIS! This quiz will have more questions than before, plus more difficult questions! Are you a die-hard fan? Find out with this quiz!

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    Agent Gibbs has a "friendship" with FBI agent Fornell. What is Fornell's first name?

NCIS Questions & Answers

What language is Abby Scuito fluent in besides English?
American Sign Language is also a valid anwser to this question
Is Abby a goth?
No because when Kate's sister comes and mentions it Abby says she isn't a goth even though she acts like one she actually has a really happy personality and doesn't classify herself as a goth. Autumn