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Did you know it was calculated that for the verb-form alone of the word “run”, there are no fewer than 645 meanings? Why am I saying random things? Because it’s another day for vocabulary quizzes! Do you love words and are fascinated by their meanings? Are you a crossword puzzle geek? Do you play a lot of scrabble and boggle? Then this will be a piece of cake for you!

Try and test your knowledge right here word wizard! You might even learn a new thing or two! From the most common to the strangest words, we all have it! It's a good day for those who know the English dictionary inside out! Have a safe journey to terminology land and add more meaning for the day! Good luck vocabulary connoisseur! (That’s rather a good start for big words...) Enjoy!

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What is the meaning of po in English?
"po" by itself means "yes"
What means Dorian for you?
We know from the Greek culture that names are chosen by their resonance with Cosmos, and there is an etymological meaning who talks about the substance is hidden inside of them. As well, In ROmanian, there is a word dor which meaning is miss
What is the difference between Expect and Wait?
Spotting a difference between Expect and Wait can be very daunting because when you consider the two words they almost have the same meaning. But the major difference between the two words lies in the usage and the exact meaning of each word. Expect
Mark the page in your textbook.