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Mary Sue Questions and Answers

  • Does your OC tie in at all to the plot of the fandom they belong to?

  • Does this character ever perform an act of heroism?

  • Is your OC in a romantic relationship with the the fandom's main character? (Ex: An OC that has a crush on Luke Skywalker)

  • Is your character's fur color based off of your hair color?

  • Does your character have unusual eye color for his/her species, mood-changing eyes, unusually shaped pupils, etc.?

  • Is your character the subject of a prophecy, special destiny, a 'Chosen One', etc.?

  • Does your character have an abnormal hair colour (blue-black, red, white, pitch-black)   that is not regular to their race?

  • Does your character have a strange sounding name, one that is not regular in its culture?

  • Does your character wear a lot of leather, furs, black, red, or abnormally tight-fitting clothes?

  • Does your character have morals/ethics that differ from your own?
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  • Does your character have an amazing skills/powers?
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  • Does your character not know they have power/skills until something awakens them?
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