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If you are really into movies, you must have watched some of the films where he appeared. More specifically Bottle Rocket, Idiocracy, The Royal Tenenbaums, Old School, and Legally Blonde. Did you know that Luke Wilson was born in Dallas Texas in 1971? His acting career began with his lead role in the short film Bottle Rocket, which was directed by Wes Anderson.

What’s more? Did you know that he is the brother of Owen and Andrew Wilson who are both actors? In fact the film Bottle Rocket was co-written by Owen Wilson. Did you know that his family was originally from Massachusetts? Did you know that he was voted class president the first year he attended St. Mark’s School of Texas?
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This Quiz will show how do u feel about Luke Wilson the movie.

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    Where did Luke Wilson attend college?

Are you a True fan Of Luke Wilson?

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    Luke Wilson began dating Drew Barrymore after working with her in which film?