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  • Who established the University of Georgia?
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  • What was the purpose of the Headright system?
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  • What system replaced the headright system as a way of allocating land?
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  • An engine with a maximum speed of 7500rpm is equipped with a starter/alternator combination. The used motor is an IPMSM with U_((eff,Str)/1000rpm)=1,633V an directly attached to the crankshaft. What is the maximum voltage which could be present within the LV system if the power electronic shuts down due to an error (no current is applied to the motor)? Note: Losses within the system don’t have to be taken into account. The IGBT module is also considered to be loss-free.

  • At which maximum speed will the specified engine be tested during noise test. Non-industrial, single cylinder, displacement: 500cm^3, bore-stroke-ratio: 1/1 (NOT ROUNDED)

  • How long can a straight with wide turns on both ends be at endurance?