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 This quiz is about the movie and band, Lemonade Mouth. It has 5 people, Olivia, Wen, Charlie, Mo, and Stella. They form their band in detention.

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    How many brothers does Stella have?

"Lemonade Mouth" is a Disney film about high school students who meet in detention and form a band to stand up for their beliefs. The main students are Olivia, Wen, Stella, Mo, and Charlie. Do you know which actors and...

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    Bridgit Mendler, who plays Olivia White, also plays Juliet on which Disney Channel show?

"Lemonade Mouth" is a musical drama film from 2011. The film is about five students who meet in detention and decide to form a band. Are you a fan of the movie? If so, then take this quiz to test your knowledge on "Lemonade...

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    On which channel did "Lemonade Mouth" premiere?

Who are you like in the awesome movie Lemonade mouth'?

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All these questions are based on the Disney Channel Orginal Movie Lemonade Mouth. . . so have FUN!:)

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  • Sample Question
    The drummer broke his hands during the end of the movie.