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  • What city is Hollywood located in?
    What city is Hollywood located in?
    Hollywood is located in the city of Los Angeles, California.

  • What is the difference between Hollywood And Nollywood?
    What is the difference between Hollywood And Nollywood?
    Hollywood And Nollywood are two international film industries. Both differ in terms of location or region. Hollywood is an area of Los Angeles, known as the center of the American film industry. Nollywood, on the other hand, is the film industry that is coined from Nigeria. The simple truth is that Hollywood is a way older than Nollywood. There are so many differences between the two film industries. The cost of production of an average Hollywood movie is very high compared to the cost of production of an average Nollywood movie. There is also a difference in the time of production. An average Hollywood movie will require at least a year before it can be produced, while an average Nollywood movie can be completed within two weeks. Hollywood mostly base their stories on local issues like politics, religion, relationship, etc., while Hollywood is known for movies that revolve around international occurrences, technologies, even they go into things that are outside this world.

  • Why In old Hollywood people often started their movie making careers in the editing room?
    Why In old Hollywood people often started their movie making careers in the editing room?
    It allowed new people to learn about all aspects of movie-making.

  • What is the best Quentin Tarantino movie (and why)?
    What is the best Quentin Tarantino movie (and why)?
    Quentin Tarantino was born in Knoxville, TN and was exposed to many movies. That is where his love of movies came from. Beginning in 1992, Tarantino has made several movies including Reservoir Dogs, Pulp Fiction, Jackie Brown, Kill Bill, Death Proof, Inglorious Basterds, Django Unchained, The Hateful Eight and Helter Skelter. Many of his movies have won awards and were very popular in the movie theaters. However, his best movie is either Pulp Fiction or Inglorious Basterds. Many of his movies are dark, but they have funny parts to them. Inglorious Basterds is about a group who go against the Nazis. It is a great movie that also portrays the Nazis. Plus, Pulp Fiction has lines in it that are still talked about today.

  • Who is the most versatile director in Hollywood?
    Who is the most versatile director in Hollywood?
    Often times there is only genre or type of movie that a director will direct. However, every so often there will be a director who can successfully direct a variety of different kinds of movies. To me, Steven Spielberg is probably the most diverse and versatile director in Hollywood. He has directed movies in the genre of thriller, drama, kids, and historical. Some of these movies include Cape Fear, Back to the Future, Hook and Schindler’s List. At 71 years old, Spielberg has been directing movies since the late 1960s. He has seven children and has been married to his current wife since 1991. Another great movie of Spielberg’s is Saving Private Ryan and Jaws. He and his movies have won many awards.

  • Who has the best rags to riches story in Hollywood?
    Who has the best rags to riches story in Hollywood?
    I think that the best rags to riches story in Hollywood is Hillary Swank. She was born in 1974 in Lincoln, Nebraska. She eventually moved during her childhood to Washington. Here when she was still young, she lived in a trailer. Her family had very little money, but Swank’s mother wanted to support her daughter’s acting career when she was a teenager. Even though her parents were no longer together, Swank and her mother moved to L.A. They had to live in their car because they still didn’t have a lot of money. After making several movies, she has won an Academy award for her acting and is worth forty million dollars. She has come a long way since her childhood.

  • Who is the most humble actor/actress in Hollywood?
    Who is the most humble actor/actress in Hollywood?
    Matthew McConaughey is probably the most humble actor in Hollywood. He lives modestly and has in the past even though he is worth millions. When he is not acting, he dresses as normal people do. He also talks just like everyone else. He seems to talk to everyone as if they are his best friend. Blue jeans and a t-shirt seems to be what he wears when he is not working which are things that most average people will wear. His hair also seems like he probably gets it done by a regular barber and not someone who pays an enormous amount of money to style his hair. I can see him doing his own shopping instead of having an assistant do that for him and his family.

  • Who is the most bizarre Hollywood couple of all time?
    Who is the most bizarre Hollywood couple of all time?
    I would say that the most bizarre Hollywood couple of all time is Woody Allen and his wife, Soon-Yi Previn. Previously, he was married to Harlene Susan Rosen and then he was in a relationship with Mia Farrow. Farrow had adopted several children including Soon-Yi Previn. That is what makes it so bizarre. He married his girlfriend’s adopted daughter. In a sense, Soon-Yi Previn was part of Woody Allen’s family before he married her. I don’t think they are necessarily bizarre people although I don’t know them. I do think that the way that they got together is questionable and seems bizarre based on the roles that they played prior to getting married. It seems taboo for people to marry their stepchildren.

  • What should I do If a Hollywood producer stole my story idea?
    What should I do If a Hollywood producer stole my story idea?
    If you are an author and you write stories, you do have to take into consideration that your story could get stolen if you don’t publish it. Issuing a copyright to the work or having it published by a reputable company may cause people not to steal your ideas. Sometimes Hollywood producers will still a story idea and because they do not have an idea of their own. Therefore you should publish your work and then if someone start tries to steal it then you can show and that you have are published it and that was your work that you created on your own. If someone does still your work in court. They may have to pay you a lot of money in order to use your work when they did have your permission to do so.

  • What is a typical audition process like for a movie?
    What is a typical audition process like for a movie?
    Before a movie is made the casting director must hold auditions. Many actresses and actors from that area will come to the audition in order to try out for part. It seems like an easy process but is very difficult. The actors and actresses must have a lot of experience and talent in order to make the casting director cast them for the part. Many actors and actresses before they make it big they must go to many auditions. Today if an actor or actress was to try out in an audition for a movie they will usually be given a small script to memorize it to perform during the audition. However they only have one shot in order to make the casting director choose them.

  • What are your thoughts about nepotism in Hollywood?
    What are your thoughts about nepotism in Hollywood?
    There are some favoritism shown in Hollywood. Sometimes, this is known as nepotism. Nepotism is when favoritism is shown to certain people in order to either get or keep a job or because there is more pay for that person based on being friends or family with the members of the producers or directors of the movie. I believe in some cases nepotism plays a part, but most likely it is not done for the key major parts in the movie. The director wants this movie to make money and it is very important that the correct actor or actress can play the part. Otherwise, the movie loses money and the director may have trouble finding more work. However, for small minor parts, the director may hire a sibling or parent in the movie.

  • Who do most child actors end up as drug addicts or even dead?
    Who do most child actors end up as drug addicts or even dead?
    Many child actors receive both money and fame due to their instant status in their jobs. Unlike normal children who go to school, these child actors are expected to become celebrities at such a young age. These child actors become famous and popular and sometimes they can’t handle the popularity and the money. Parents should make sure that they are safe because it is very easy for child actors to fall into the wrong crowd based on the variety of people they come in contact with. Also, the child has plenty of money to spend and sometimes they spend it on drugs or alcohol. They don’t know how to deal with the fame and they turn to drugs. Later, they take too many drugs and die.

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