Joey Lawrence Quizzes & Trivia

Joey Lawrence was born on April 20th in 1976. He is a game show host, American actor, and a singer. Most people know him first from his role being Joey Donovan during the TV series “Gimme a Break!” He was married to Michelle Vella for 2 years, and then he re-married in 2005. Who did he get married to the second time?
Does he have children? In what year did Joey Lawrence appear on “Dancing With the Starts”? In 2009, he starred in a movie with Melissa Joan Hart – What was it called? If you think you have what it takes to answer questions right about Joey Lawrence, test yourself with these quizzes now.

Test your knowledge of all things relating to Joey Lawrence

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    What was Joey Lawrence's catchphrase on the show "Blossom"?

We want to test your knowledge on Joey Lawrence. We want to see if you know what he feels, thinks, and eats. In fact, we want to know which side of the bed he sleeps.

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  • Sample Question
    Where was Joey Lawrence born?

Lawrence is a talented actor,singer and game show host. He is known for his roles as Joey Donovan in the TV series Gimme A Break! Brotherly Love, Melissa & Joey and many others.How well do you know this film hero?

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    When is Joey's birth month?