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The 1975, the movie, “Jaws” directed by a dude named Steven Spielberg kicked off the tradition of the summer blockbuster (and shark-phobia). The reason for a reduced beach attendance across the US during the summer of ’75, Jaws was one freaky-deaky.

The movie revolved around a pissed-off shark that just swam around and ruined everyone’s day. But, did you know the there was no CG used for the gargantuan shark? Find out which are the most standout scenes that audiences still find disturbing to this day? Find out why Robert Shaw who played Quint had to leave the country right after shooting was over. And the kick-ass one liner that was thrown in just before the credits rolled? Find out all these exciting facts and more by taking our quizzes right here.

Sit back, relax and have fun with this movie Jaws (1975) quiz.

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  • Sample Question
    What word does Hooper jokingly guess was tattooed on Quint's arm in "Jaws"?

A real great white shark was spotted this summer. Do you remember the movie Jaws? Test your movie smarts and take our quiz!

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  • Sample Question
    What year did the movie "Jaws" come out in theaters?

IPFW Oral path malignancies of the jaws

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    A carcinoma originates from epithelium and metastisizes via blood vessels to other areas of the body.

How well do you remember what happened in the movie Jaws?

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  • Sample Question
    What was the name given to the shark in the movie?

Jaws Questions & Answers

What was the name that Steven Spielberg gave to the mechanical shark in 'Jaws' and who was it named after?
(A) Bruce the shark Steven Spielberg gave the name "Bruce the shark" to the mechanical shark used in the movie "jaws".
How many takes were done to get the shot right when Roy Scheider was trapped in the Orca?
75When Roy Scheider was trapped in the sinking Orca, it took 75 takes to get the shot right. Scheider did not trust the special effects team to rescue him in case of an emergency so he hid axes and hatchets around the cabin just in case.