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  • Which record type is associated with Reverse DNS?
    Which record type is associated with Reverse DNS?
    A pointer name, (that is a pointer record,) points to a cannonical name. A pointer record is commonly used when using a reverse DNS lookup. RayA cannonical name record is an alias of an existing record thus allowing multiple DNS records to have the same address.I know this is someone confusing but if you think about it long enough, the truth will come to you. Ray

  • What is the difference between iPod Shuffle and iPod Nano?
    What is the difference between iPod Shuffle and iPod Nano?
    The iPod Shuffle and Nano might not be known to the younger generations of today, but these are a couple of the first MP3 players Apple has released. These two models are both small yet are different from one another. The iPod Shuffle does not have a screen compared to iPod Nano, so looking for the song that you want to play is somewhat difficult. You will need to use the-click wheel button for the Shuffle while on the Nano you can effortlessly search the song using the touchscreen. The iPod Shuffle has a built-in clip which the Shuffle does not have. They also have different battery life. The iPod Shuffle has a lower battery capacity (approximately 15 hours) compared to the Nano that can be played non-stop for 21 hours.

  • What is the difference between iPod and MP3?
    What is the difference between iPod and MP3?
    IPod, which is a very popular music player device was released by Apple in 2001. MP3, being a kind of codec is used to store digital audio. For the MP3 players, they can only support MP3 files as their default file format; while iPod advanced by supporting AAC files as its default file formats, and can also support MP3 files. AAC files are actually better than MP3 files when we are talking of audio quality. The only way to rightly save a song in the iPod is by the through iTunes software. This connects the user directly to the iTunes music store to purchase the song from the internet directly. Unlike MP3 in which files can be dragged into it, and it will recognize and play the audio file. The most popular of the MP3 players are the Zune from Microsoft and Zen from creative. With these four variants of iPod, the Nano, touch, classic, and shuffle, Apple has dominated the personal music player market.

  • What is the difference between iPod and iPad?
    What is the difference between iPod and iPad?
    Apple created two different ways of playing games and having an electronic device that is small and compact. One is the iPad, and the other is the iPod. The iPod was created first and is designed for specific reasons. The iPad is much larger. The main difference between the iPad and the iPod besides their sizes is their uses. The iPod was first designed for music. It allows its users to download and store music on it. Then they can listen to their iPod whenever they want to. The iPad looks like a small computer or laptop. It allows its users to type documents or read from it. Even though both devices can do just about everything the other device can do, they were both created for certain purposes.

  • What is your DNS Made Easy user name? (required to win the iPod!)
    What is your DNS Made Easy user name? (required to win the iPod!)
    There is little discussion on this. I am the local undisputed authority on DNS Made Easy!I can settle bets on matters such as "KITING VIOLATIONS and EDNS SECURITY' issues. iamjerome

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