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Are you a basketball fan? Do you live in Houston? If so, you might just be a big fan of the Houston Rockets. Based out of Houston, Texas this team plays professionally and brings a great deal of support to the local community

What many fans of this thriving team do not know is that the game of basketball is said to have been invented by a teacher based out of Springfield, Massachusetts back in the year 1891. The man who created it was named James Naismith. If you are a Houston fan, see how well you can do by taking one of our many different quizzes today on this team, their main competition, and the history of the National Basketball Association. 

Brush your knowledge on NBA - Houston Rockets basketball team with these quiz questions.

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    To support the family, Tracy McGrady's mother made a daily 90 minute commute to get to her job where?

It’s time to answer some cool questions about NBA - Houston Rockets

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    Which player played for the 76ers, the Suns, and the Rockets?

Trivia fun! Take this quiz on NBA - Houston Rockets and share with friends too

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    What was the average height for the Houston Rockets in the 2005-2006 NBA season?

Calling all basketball fans for the ultimate quiz challenge

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    Besides Shane Battier, which other Houston Rocket didn't miss a game in 2006-07 through 7 playoffs?

Find out if you’re a real basketball lover in this NBA - Houston Rockets quiz

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    As a Houston Cougar, what name was on the back of Hakeem Olajuwon's jersey?

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