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A comprehensive database of more than 80 hero quizzes online, test your knowledge with hero quiz questions. Our online hero trivia quizzes can be adapted to suit your requirements for taking some of the top hero quizzes.

Heroes, assemble! Are you a superhero geek? Fancy yourself an expert of almost every superhero, his/her story, their powers, their enemies? Are you a lover of comic books? Oh, the thrill of reading and following the life of your favorite superhero!

The powers that you could only imagine, the worlds that you are transported to, the suspense in meeting and battling an archenemy, the joy in defeating a villain in epic battle; happy times indeed!

If you're like most grown-ups who are kids at heart, then these Hero quizzes are for you! Check out fun facts about your favorite superhero. Or villain. Or even heroes that you haven't even heard of! Answer questions and get answers, and test your mental powers. Tap into your inner hero!

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