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Move over Batman and Superman, there's a new superhero in town and he's very much a hero for our times. Hellboy was already a cult comic book hero when the 2004 film adaptation was made and propelled the character to worldwide fame. As the tagline says, he's 'here to protect', but that doesn't mean that he doesn't have a very dark side himself. If this is your favorite superhero movie of all time then you really should enjoy our Hellboy quizzes.

Who was responsible for the original series of Hellboy comic books? Do you know who played the character of Hellboy in the film? What was the 2008 movie sequel called? What are Hellboy's team of crime fighting helpers called? Boy, it looks like you're going to do well in our quizzes.
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Do you know which Hellboy character you are? Have you had the chance to watch the Hellboy movie series and see the storyline by heart, if you have the chances are that you have your favorite character that has the same...

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    What is your favorite color

Learn which Hellboy caracter you are

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    What is your favorite coulor

The "Hellboy" movie started as a drawing by Mike Mignola, which he created just for fun. He later developed that drawing into a story out of the love he has for the name written on the belt of the drawing,...

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    What is Hellboy's true name?

Hellboy is a fictional superhero which his first appearance was made in San Diego. His abilities have been shown on movies and games, which makes him a unique one. The creation of Hellboy was in partnership mode and produced in...

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    When was Hellboy prototype appearance?

Hellboy is an imaginative superhero which has known to the world courtesy of Mike Mignola's creativity. The Hellboy character has been adapted into various series and intercompany crossovers. Interestingly, the publisher of...

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    Who created the Hellboy character? 


Hellboy Questions & Answers

What is Hellboy's actual name?
Hellboy’s actual name is Anung Un Rama which translates in a non-human language as “and upon his brow is set a crown of flame.” This relates to his infernal heritage since he is the offspring of the demon Azzael and a witch Sarah Hu
What does Hellboy's actual name mean?
In-universe, Hellboy’s original name is Anung Un Rama which means “and upon his brow is set a crown of flame.” This probably implies Hellboy’s original purpose. Hellboy was the son of a demon Azzael and the witch Sarah Hughes.
Who is Hellboy?
Hellboy is a superhero designed by Mike Mignola for Dark Horse Comics. He is a benign demon who, as a baby, was summoned from Hell to Earth by the Nazis. He eventually escaped them and was found by the Allies and taken under the care of the scientist
Who is the new villain in the upcoming Hellboy movie?
The main villain is Nimue, a sorceress from Britain who has taken the form of the Celtic goddess Morrigan. Nimue is related to the Arthurian legends and was godmother of Lancelot. She is famous for having trapped Merlin inside of stone or tree after
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