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Ever seen St.Trinians 2? Wished you were part of there rebelius gangs?Well heres your chance to find out which you might be in if you were there.Ready?  

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    In a group how would you describe you role?

Decide which faction you are BOS, Enclave, Outcasts, Super Mutants or Ghouls

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    You are out on patrol with a few of your soldiers and you come across a small encampment of people which is under attack from raiders what do you do?

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    Participation in both elections and interest groups has declined dramatically since 1960

Find out who u are, do u belong 2 the emo, skater, goth, punk, prep, jock, shy, nerd group? find out what group u belong 2.

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  • Sample Question
    What are you most likley to be found doing in gym?

The following post-test will ask 10 questions refering to the safety presentation. The test is multiple choice. Please choose one answer per question.

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    According to OSHA studies, why is Lock Out / Tag Out important to use?

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Group Questions & Answers

Which of the following is NOT an essential part of the group theory of politics?
"1. groups are extremely unequal in power" is not an essential part of group theory politics
3.Aggravate large groups more than small groups. THis is because "free-riders" are defined as people who seek to benefit from the actual groups work that represents their interests in government but don't actually do any of the work themsel
Thinkers can be moody and fear __________
Think about true things to settle all of the confllict problem