Top Group Quizzes & Trivia

  • In a group how would you describe you role?

  • At a party what do you do?

  • Whats your catch phrase?

  • You are out on patrol with a few of your soldiers and you come across a small encampment of people which is under attack from raiders what do you do?

  • You are on your way back home when you get ambushed by a rival faction what do you do?

  • You enter a town with your group and a settler comes to you for help complaining that slavers have come and taken their friends and they want you to get them back for a reward of 1000 caps what do you do?

  • Participation in both elections and interest groups has declined dramatically since 1960

  • Interest groups have no formal Constitutional protections.

  • Interest groups differ from political parties because

  • what are you most likley to be found doing in gym?
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  • pick a band/singer
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  • whats ur choice of clothes?
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