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Good Person Questions and Answers

  • You see a person fall off their bike from your window. What would you do?
    Good person question from

  • Your driving by and you see a guy and his car is broke down. What do you do?
    Good person question from

  • Your friend is sad her boyfriend broke uo with her for another girl wat do you do?
    Good person question from

  • You’re in a lift and the doors are about to close. You see someone rushing towards the lift and asking you to keep the doors open. You should keep the door open till he/she gets in.
    Good person question from

  • Stalking is fun!
    Good person question from

  • It’s past midnight and you see a beautiful girl walking alone in your alley. It’s best not to creep her out.
    Good person question from

  • Do you believe in Angels?
    Good person question from

  • Are you a believer of karma?
    Good person question from

  • If you're to choose an angel's feature to have, what would it be?
    Good person question from

  • Do you keep a positive attitude?
    Good person question from

  • Are you a honest person?
    Good person question from

  • Do you volunteer?
    Good person question from

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