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George W Bush Questions and Answers

  • In George W. Bush's name, what does the 'W' stand for?
    George w bush question from

  • What is the name of his memoirs?
    George w bush question from

  •  George W. Bush served as which President of the United States?
    George w bush question from

  • George Washington was from the state of
    George w bush question from

  • Washington was a general during
    George w bush question from

  • In the Revolutionary War, the colonies were at war against the
    George w bush question from

  • In his piece, George Packer says that “what’s remarkable about ‘Decision Points’ is how frequently and casually it leaves out facts, large and small,” including which of the following?
    George w bush question from

  • Who said that "memoir means when you put down the good things you ought to have done and leave out the bad ones you did do."
    George w bush question from

  • Where was Bush born?
    George w bush question from

  • The word feeble means
    George w bush question from

  • To veer means to
    George w bush question from

  • What is a floe?
    George w bush question from

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