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Genes Questions and Answers

  • A ______ explanation relates a behaviour to the activity of the brain and other organs. It deals with the machinery of the body eg. the chemical reactions that enable hormones to influence brain activity.

  • A _____ explanation describes how a structure or behaviour develops, including the influences of genes, nutrition, experiences and their interactions.

  • A _____ explanation reconstructs the evolutionary history of a structure or behaviour. The characteristic features of an animal are almost always modifications of something found in ancestral species.

  • Natural selection as a mechanism of evolution that acts on variants within populations and ultimately  leads to the evolution of different species was proposed by

  • Features that increase the likelihood of survival and reproduction by an organism in a particular  environment are called

  • The gene pool includes

  • What order should the following  be in from smallest to largest?
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  • How many pairs of chromosomes do we have in our body?
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  • Is it true that you can have a baby by having in-vitro fertilisation?
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  • Where did you get your genes?
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  • How many chromosomes do we have?
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  • What is a dominant trait?
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