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  • When making yeast bread dough, the addition of egg is not required for yeast growth.      

  • It is importanat to stretch a pastry when fitting it into the pan so it will shrink and fit the pan when baked.      

  • Stirring a muffin batter until it is smooth will result in muffins with tunneling and pointed tops due to over-development of the gluten      

  • Gelatin desserts are best if used within the first 24 hours to preven excessive protein bond formation
    FSHN exam question from

  • Butter is a water in oil emulsion formed by breaking the oil in water emulsion of heavy cream
    FSHN exam question from

  • Tender cuts of meat require moist head methods of cookery
    FSHN exam question from

  • The most accurate way to measure 2 teaspoons of sugar is
    FSHN exam question from

  • Dry ingredients should be measured
    FSHN exam question from

  • The Quantity Food recipe format
    FSHN exam question from

  • Olive oil contains abundant amounts of which type of fatty acid?
    FSHN exam question from

  • The main reason for hydrogenating fats is to
    FSHN exam question from

  • When triglycerides are digested, before being absorbed, they are converted to a mixture of
    FSHN exam question from

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