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What is Drake's favorite food?
The famous rapper Drake has only one favorite food that the public is aware of. He loves McDonald’s, or MickeyD’s (a commonly used nickname). From from this fast food palce is the only food that the public knows he loves. This is because
What is the greatest Drake song of all time (and why)?
Drake has written sung many great songs in his career. He started out acting and then transformed into a rapper. Using his inspiration of other rappers, Drake began writing mixtapes in 2006 and continued to do this until 2009. Only a small few sold d
Why does Drake reference Houston so much in his music?
Musicians and directors may reference certain cities in their songs and movies from time to time. This is because they may have grown up in that city or that city has made an impression on them. They do this as a tribute to the city that has made a l
Who won the feud between Drake and Meek Mill?
Meek Mill is a rapper who was born in Philadelphia in 1987. He was signed to a record deal in 2008 after spending years rapping. Many times rappers get angry with each other because of saying that other rappers are not writing their own music. In thi