Dragon Ball Z Quizzes & Trivia

Dragon Ball Z is one of the biggest symbols of Generation X and Generation Y. We grew up with it, we watched it, read about it, and played games as characters from the series. Surely, we get the Goosebumps each time we remember the times when we used to raise our fist to the sky while turning ‘super saiyan’. But did you ever wonder just how well you know your favorite childhood TV show?

Find out by taking these quizzes and answering quizzes such as: “Why are there no female Namekians?”, “Why does Krillin have six dots on his forehead?”, “What is Vegeta’s, one of the strongest warriors in the Universe, biggest fear?”, and “How many times has Goku performed the ‘Kamehameha’ throughout the series?”

We all love DBZ. It's a milestone in the world of manga and anime; there is no denying that fact. Have you wondered who you would be in the DBZ universe? Well, wonder no more! Take the Quiz and find out!

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    An enemy finds you, you will:

Did you know that throughout Dragon Ball Z Goku has only killed two people and has the highest power level when compared to all the characters? If so, then you must have been a real fan for the show. Ever wonder what your Dragon...

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    How much can you bench press?

One of the world’s most beloved and renowned anime television series of all time, Dragon Ball Z’s narrative centres on Goku, who defends the Earth alongside his friends from villains like conquerors, androids and...

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A compound sentence joins two sentences that have the same idea or importance. These sentences are usually made up of more than one subject. How good are you when it comes to differentiating between a compound and simple...

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    How much of a girl are you?

There would be no heroes if there were no villains and that just shows how important the role of a villain is. Majin Buu is considered one of the strongest super villains in Dragon Ball Z series and has given the heroes a run for...

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    What would be your goal as a villain.

Dragon Ball Z Questions & Answers

Kibito Kai's potara earing's are what color?
This answer is yellow. East Kai's earrings are yellow and Kibito's are blue before they fuse. After they fuse, they then become the being known as Kibito Kai and the earrings retain East kai's yellow hue. Dumbass.
Where does Goku go to after he dies?
My answer is heaven, because i couldn't choose kaio's planet.Goku ran first over the snake to reach master kaio's planet. The real answer is not namek.
The following people are Saiyans
GokuVegetaBrolyBardockand Paragus are all Saiyans. They are full bloodedTrunks, Goten, and Gohan are HalfBreed Saiyans. When you asked this question the term Saiyan to me means full blooded saiyans. in order to get this clear to all people you should