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Downtown Abbey is a great new show which is actually in large part responsible for saving the estate on which it is filmed. Do you know the name of the estate in England where the show takes place?

What many fans do not realize is that an actual royal family resides in the property, but that they were having difficulty covering the expenses of the upkeep for the home, such as large roof repairs. With one butler and a small cooking staff, the home became quite popular when a friend of the royal family suggested that his new show be filmed on site. Now the show brings to the home a great deal of success and the property is open to fans of the show for visits at certain times during the year. This revenue from the show and the visitors has helped to restore the property on which the show is filmed. If you know all about the British royal estates and the show, then test your knowledge by completing one of our fun quizzes online. 

Are you kind, caring Anna? Ambitious Gwen? Scheming, sly, O'Brien? Cunning, flirty Edith? Opinionated, fiesty violet or maybe gentle, lovable Sybil?Find out who you are from the popular drama Downton Abbey!

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    How much do you like Downton Abbey?

Have some fun with this super trivia quiz on Downton Abbey

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    In series 2 of "Downton Abbey" what event is touched on?

What character are you?

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    Would you rather be upstairs or downstairs?

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