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Who were the daleks made to fight for?
The Daleks were not "made to fight for the Kaleds". The Daleks are the Kaleds. Davros is the only Kaled left. Heck, Kaled is an anagram of Dalek, for God's sake! Davros mutated his own people, the Kaleds, and made them the Daleks. End of st
Which of these characters from The End of the World does not appear in New Earth?
I'm not trying to be rude and correct-y, but all of these were in New Earth. In the very beginning (when the Doctor and Rose were outside the TARDIS), Chip used a spider cam to track Rose. Sorry to be all know-it-all-ish!
Did any of the fifth doctor stories feature a sonic screwdriver?
Its destroyed in the Visitation, and the Doctor says "I feel like you've just killed an old froend"
In the last four series, how many long-lasting companions has The Doctor had altogether?
Rose, Martha,,, Jackie Jack Harkness, Clara, Ricky, Rory, Amy "Catherine Tate" "Alex Kingston", more that you have forgotten.