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Daisy Fuentes is known for her beauty and enthusiasm in everything she does. Born in Cuba in 1966, she has broken many barriers for women, especially Latinas, in the entertainment industry. Did you know that her family fled Cuba when she was a small child and ended up in Madrid for several years before coming to the United States? She learned her early English from watching “I Love Lucy” on television!

Are you a big fan of Daisy Fuentes? Did you know that her first television appearances were on Spanish-speaking stations as a weather reporter? In 1993, she joined MTV. Did you know that she was the first Latina VJ? She later hosted “House of Style” and appeared on several soap operas. Did you know that during the 1990’s she hosted several awards shows and beauty pageants? Take some quizzes to see how many questions you can answer!

Daisy Fuentes is a Cuban-born American television host and model, who became a MTV's first Latina VJ. Check out this quiz about Daisy!

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  • Sample Question
    In which country Daisy was born?

Daisy Fuentes is ever the beautiful woman and ever the role model to many. How much of a fan are you of her and how much can you really say that you admire her? Try this out and prove just how much. No cheating now. 

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  • Sample Question
    What year did Daisy Fuentes first hosted? (hint: hosted for MTV Internacional)

A fun and interesting quiz on Daisy Fuentes

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  • Sample Question
    In 2004, Daisy Fuentes added what job title to her resume?

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