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How culturally aware are you? The Earth is home to over 7 billion people who make up a wide variety of different cultures. Different foods, belief systems, traditions, and more have trickled throughout the world but how aware are you of anyone different from yourself? You can find out and gain the ultimate cultural experience by taking these quizzes.

Which is the main language of the people of Batanes? In Spain, when are you expected to arrive for most appointments or meetings? The Hundred Islands have become a major tourist spot for which type of people? In which three countries are you not expected to pass something to an older person or superior using only one hand? The more deeper you go into the quizzes,  the more number of interesting and enlightening questions will appear to be answered. Attempt our quizzes today to know more about different cultures across the world!
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    What does it mean to be a culturally competent teacher?

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    Which of the following are personal attributes indicate the development of cultural competency?

How much do you know about the meaning of certain gestures in different cultures? This quiz will test your knowledge!

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    The "OK" sign used in Western Cultures, means what in Japan:

SImple 5 question quiz to asses basic knowlegde related to cultural competence

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       Cultural competency teaches us to recognize culturally diverse communities so that we can choose the one we are most capable to provide services.

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    There are two dimensions of diversity.  Which one do we have the ability to change?

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Cultural Questions & Answers

What does the "OK" hand sign, used in Western cultures, mean in Japan?
The "OK" sign that is commonly used in western culture to signify that something is alright or that you've 'got it' is a very offensive gesture in Japan. In Japan this gesture relates to money and often means that a person is trying to get
Who are the members of the band Super Junior?
Super Junior is my favorite group ❤ love them to the moon and back!! They are all my biases 😊
What is the difference between Cultural Relativism and Ethnocentrism?
Cultural relativism is known to be the positive side of things. Whenever there are things that are happening, the positive side is considered to be part of cultural relativism. It can also show that people are very understanding of the different cult
Among the three main types of schools in Germany, which type is the most demanding in academics?
GymnasiumHauptschule offers schooling for grades 5-9 and its the least demanding. Usually students going into a Hauptschule receives apprenticeship training and works in the industry. Realschule offers schooling for grades 5-10 and it is more deman