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Muscular dystrophy is usually diagnosed in children between 3 and 6 years of age. Early signs of the illness include a delay in walking, difficulty rising from a sitting or lying position, and frequent falling,...

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This Quiz is a fun way for your kids to teach them some basic knowledge! Here are a bunch of very basic questions every child should be aware of. Answer all questions carefully! Share the quiz with your friends to make sure they...

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When we are growing up, our brain is fascinated more towards pictures and photographs. Based on this principal, here is a basic picture quiz for your child, to make learning very fun and interactive for him/her. Hope you have a...

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Kids too need general knowledge. It's good for their mental and intellectual development. Have your kids try this quiz and see how he/she performs.

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Ever wondered what you should do when you grow up?  Take this quiz and see what job suits you!

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Children totally change your lives. It's weird when you start seeing your friends having kids and changing it's the threshold into adulthood that is both intimidating and scary. But it is also worthwhile and totally pays...

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Safety education is the teaching of specific knowledge, skills and understanding that children need in order to stay safe in a given situation. These set of skill are important to have for a teacher or any care giver. Give...

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Do you think you know everything about children? Do you think you know what they want, how they feel and who they are when it comes to their personalities? If you are tempted to say yes, try our little quiz to see how well...

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Been wondering how many kids you're going to have (if any at all)? Answer the questions in this quiz and you may get closer to finding out .

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Ever wonder which GOP (Government Owned Property) Child you are most like? Now you can find out :)

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Who said that children didn't like completing quizzes too? Have your little ones go through this one, and you'll see that they will keep on asking for more.

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Like Whitney Houston once sang "Children are our future, teach them well and let them lead the way...", but in order to that we must learn about their little personalities. If you think you can handle kids, take our...

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Are you at the right time to have children?

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Want to know how many children will be in your future? Take this quiz to find out!

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How good is your general knowledge? take our quick quiz to find out

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