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Those bangs, that dark hair, and that sensuous and adventurous personality: model Betty Page was a barrier breaker and stunning model during the 50s. How much do you know about this controversial blue-eyed babe? The winner of contests and pop culture goddess earned her the title outright. Do you know what she was called?
Do you know what evangelist she was later associated with? She suffered at times, but why? Born in the Deep South, she now rests in what cemetery? She even dipped her toes in other careers. Do you know what they were? What is a Camera Club? Take our titillating Bettie Page quizzes and see how much you know about one of the first true Playmates and dominatrix models.

Interesting Quiz about Bettie Page!

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    Where was Bettie Page born?

Take this short and fun quiz on Bettie Page.

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    When was Bettie Page born?

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