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  • Who made the ominitrix?
    Who made the ominitrix?
    Azmuth created the Omnitrix. He is the same species as Greymatter however it was Azmuth who created the watch not Greymatter.

  • How old is the Ben 10 franchise?
    How old is the Ben 10 franchise?
    Ben 10 is a television series. It is also a franchise that had become popular since 2005 when it began. The original series started in 2005 and lasted until 2008. Ben 10 Alien Force began to to the right after that in 2008 and lasted until 2010. Ben 10: Ultimate Alien took up where the previous one left off in 2010 and continued until 2012. Then Ben 10: Omniverse began in 2012 and lasted until 2014. Later the Ben 10 reboot launched in 2016 and continues until today. This could be seen on Cartoon Network. Therefore, the Ben 10 franchise is only twelve years old, but it has become such a success in such a short period. They have also created video games.

  • What is Ben 10 all about?
    What is Ben 10 all about?
    Ben 10 is a highly successful kids cartoon series about a 10 year old boy who has an alien device called the "Omnitrix". attached to his wrist. It allows him to transform into aliens. His adventures eventually make him famous by the time he is sixteen. It is written by four male writers, one of them quite old. It was first called Boomerang but changed its name later. It features a variety of aliens, each witha different personality and powers. The graphics are bright and capture the attention of the mainly 9-12 year old audience.

  • Who created Ben 10?
    Who created Ben 10?
    Ben 10 was created by these four writers: Duncan Rouleau, Joe Casey, Joe Kelly and Steven T. Seagle from the Man of Action studio. Three of them look quite nerdy, in their thirties, but one is quite old, tubby and conventional in appearance. You don't expect that, do you? They have been mightily successful in creating characters and plots that engage their followers.

  • Who brought the concept of the Omnitrix in Ben 10?
    Who brought the concept of the Omnitrix in Ben 10?
    The concept of Omnitrix was actually the brainchild of Steve E. Gordon. He also thought up the character of Ben and ten superheroes. He didn't include any aliens. You'll see that he wasn't one of the four writers who created the series Ben 10 but they must be indebted to Steve's original ideas. Often a successful series stems from an idea earlier than the series creators.

  • Why does the Omnitrix not easily detach from the human?
    Why does the Omnitrix not easily detach from the human?
    The Omnitrix latches onto Ben's wrist right in the beginning. I don't think we are told whether it CAN come free if it wants. I'd always imagined that it chose to stay attached in order for the transfers to happen, as if it wanted to create the dramatic events. Did you see it that way? Omnitrix can only transform the boy wearing it into different sapient alien species, providing the Codon Stream has a DNA sample of the species.

  • Who would win a competition between Heatblast and Diamondhead?
    Who would win a competition between Heatblast and Diamondhead?
    Wow, that would be a fearful battle. Heatblast burns and diamondhead, so it must depend on how exactly the two are facing each other. Provided Heatblast can escape the touch of Diamondhead, I would think Heatblast has the advantage although Diamond head wouldn't be damaged by heat.

  • Which Ben 10 series is the best?
    Which Ben 10 series is the best?
    All the Ben 10 series are good. It is nice to have the very first one so that you can feel how Ben's adventures really started, but perhaps you'll find it is not the very best season. It is difficult to say because there are certain episodes within each season that stand out as particularly exciting. In the end, it's best to watch from the beginning and enjoy one or two episodes at a time. People do this with Dr Who - a series with hundreds of episodes.

  • Where can I watch all episodes of Ben 10?
    Where can I watch all episodes of Ben 10?
    I think you can watch every single episode of Ben 10 on You tube. It has a dedicated Ben10 channel. You could try to go back to the very beginning and enjoy the series from the start of Ben's story. It is nice to see where he finds the alien pod and the alien artefact leaps onto his wrist. All the following adventures come from that moment, really. Ben starts transforming himself, and we learn what possibilities there are and soon all the aliens show themselves.

  • Which the worst Ben 10 alien?
    Which the worst Ben 10 alien?
    Perhaps Race Against Time isn't as exciting as the other Ben 10 films because it is a Prequel and you don't get far, but I wouldn't call it a bad movie. All the animations are really good. It depends which order you see the movies in. I mean, if you left Race Against Time until last, when you had already been on the edge of your seat seeing whether Ben would save the solar system at the end of Secret of the Omnitrix, you might feel a bit disappointed, But if you saw it first, I am sure you would enjoy it and be keen to see the rest of the series.

  • What's Ben's full name?
    What's Ben's full name?
    Ben Tennyson

  • Can you name all the aliens of Ben 10?
    Can you name all the aliens of Ben 10?
    I am not sure I can name ALL the aliens of Ben 10 because who knows what's round the corner? But here are as many as I can think of: Ghost Freak, Grey Matter, Cannonbolt, and Armodrillo, Four Arms, SpiderMonkey, AmpFibian, Heatblast and Swampfire and Azmuth. How about that? I am sure I have missed some and perhaps they are even your favourite aliens?

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