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Behaviour Questions & Answers

What with reinforcement and punishment are most commonly associated?
Operant conditioning is a method of learning that occurs as rewards and punishment for behaviors. It is based upon the notion that actions that are followed by positive reinforcement will be strengthened and more likely to happen again in the future.
This scientist used operant conditioning to train rats and pigeons to differentiate between light and dark.
3. SkinnerHe studied operant behavior (voluntary behaviors used in operating on the environment) and is based upon the notion that learning is a result of change in overt behavior.
When should I start to potty train my child?
One of the milestones of a baby as well as his or her parents is getting them potty trained. This saves a lot of dollars on diapers and even excess undergarments if a baby has learned to use the potty. Ideally, parents or guardians can start potty tr