Acts Of The Apostles Quizzes & Trivia

Think you're a bookworm? Does everyone tell you that you know about every book ever written? Have you ever heard of the "Conflict of the Ages" book series? If so, these quizzes are for you! The "Conflict of the Ages" book series features a series of books uncovering the conflicts between God and Satan.
Ellen G. White is the American Religious author of this book series, and the "Act of the Apostles" just happens to be one of the books in the series. This book follows the biblical history of John the Apostle. If you are a believer in the Bible, then you will also love these amazing, profound quizzes. Delve into the ancient days of the Lord and the evil, no good Satan, and uncover the lies and the truths behind it all with these revealing, yet astonishing quizzes!

The book of the acts of the apostles tells us of the changes that happened in the church following the resurrection of Lord Jesus. How conversant are you with this book and what it entails? Give the quiz a try and test your...

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    1. ____________ is a term used for someone who sacrifices their life for the faith and means "witness."

The book of acts thatches place just after the ascension of Jesus and the disciples are left to spread the word of God to the other people. In this book we get to see Matthias selected to be the twelfth disciple to take the place...

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    Who preached the first sermon according to Acts?

Bible quiz on the book of Acts.   This quiz is part of the free Vine University bible college program. If you'd like to enroll and track your progress toward a bible college degree, visit our website...

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    The general consensus is that Acts was written by a Greek speaking Gentile named Luke,  writing for an audience of Jewish Christians in Jerusalem.

This quiz is based on the teaching of the Biblical Book of Acts January 26, 2011.

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    The Book of Acts was written by

After Jesus ascended to heaven the apostles had to start on the mandate they were given to spread the gospel of Christ. The book of Acts of the Apostles gives us the account of how the church grew and spread out through...

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    Which step is not a part of the congregational election in the Book of Acts

Acts Of The Apostles Questions & Answers

What term is used for someone who sacrifices their life for the faith and means witness?
Martyr is a term used for someone who sacrifices their life for the faith and means witness
Who is not an Apostle of Christ?
John Mark called Markin the Gospel is/was not an Apostle of Christ but a deciple of Paul, that followed him throught his travels in Asia.