A Christmas Story Quizzes & Trivia

Everyone loves a festive film, and what better movie than A Christmas Story to get everyone in the mood! Christmas is approaching and the only thing nine-year-old Ralphie wants is a BB gun. When the big day arrives, he tears into his presents – but will his coveted gift be sitting under the tree?
If you’re a real fan of this family favorite, take these quizzes and prove it! Think you know what model Ralphie’s dream BB gun was? Who was the actor who played Santa Claus? Did you catch the clue in the film as to the year the film was set? We know they’re tricky questions – but get them right and you could secure your place on Santa’s ‘nice’ list! If you want to impress your friends and family with your knowledge of festive films, start the quizzes now!
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Test your knowledge on A Christmas Story - Don't cheat...this is ravelry...be honest :) please *there is a time limit - so don't try to cheat and look up answers*

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  • Sample Question
    In the movie, what state did Ralph Parker and his family live in?