Quiz: Protozoan Organisms (Unicellular) Trivia Questions

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Quiz: Protozoan Organisms (Unicellular) Trivia Questions - Quiz

Below is a Protozoan Organisms (Unicellular) Trivia Questions. Protozoan organisms eat bacteria, algae, and other protozoa. These questions are designed to help you review just how much you know about these types of cells, what makes them thrive, and their importance in the ecosystem. Give it a shot and be a step closer to understanding these types of cells correctly!

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    Left two photos are from Dr. O, right photo is from Sean.  Small egg that can either have 1 nucleus (unsporulted) or 2 (sporulated). Common name is "Coccidia" This can be seen in both large and small animals and most often causes diarrhea. No specices name needed (one word answer).
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    Left photo is from Dr.O, right two photos are from Sean.  This is a small egg that can either have 1 nucleus (unsporulated) or two nucleus (sporulated). MOST have one operculum/polar plug. Large animal and poultry coccidia. List the one that affects poultry. 
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    Another coccidian parasite. It affects cats and dogs but also young calves. List it's name followed by spp.
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    This protozoan can be seen as a trophozoite (left two pics) or a cysts (right) form.  Can be detected in *some fecal floats and best seen on oil immersion on a fecal smear.  Cyst as squiggly line through center. 
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    Usually seen near the feathered edge. Parasite is within RBCs. In canine form, usually found in pairs and resemble teardrop shape. The bottom one in left picture is bovis. List the full name for the top one (found in canines). 
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