Quiz Questions Related To Product Advertisement

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Quiz Questions Related To Product Advertisement - Quiz

It's time to answer some interesting questions related to product advertisement.

Questions and Answers
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    1. what is the purpose of this advertisement?

    The purpose of this advertisement is to persuade the audience. This means that the advertisement aims to convince or influence the viewers to take a specific action, such as buying a product or supporting a cause. The advertisement may use various persuasive techniques, such as emotional appeals, logical arguments, or celebrity endorsements, to achieve its goal of persuading the audience.

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    What is the advertisement about?

    The advertisement is about a product. This answer simply states that the advertisement is promoting or discussing a specific product, without providing any further details or specifics about the product itself.

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    How can we order?

    The correct answer is "by phone" because the question is asking for the method or means of ordering. By phone is a common and straightforward way to place an order, where customers can call a business or restaurant and provide their order details over the phone.

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    Where can you find this advertisement?

    This advertisement can be found in the newspaper.

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    Topping and dressed up.  what does the underlined word mean?

    The underlined word "covers" means the act of placing something on top of the pizza. It refers to the toppings and other ingredients that are added to the pizza to enhance its flavor and appearance.

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