Top Features of Online Assessment Systems


When it comes to web-based training and online courses, quizzes and so on, online assessment systems have proven to be the perfect online companion. The following are some of the features you need to look for when choosing an online assessment system.

Easy to Understand Instructions

Instructions get the user acquainted with the basic content of the assessment system. This is one area which should be given close attention mainly because it is here that you will find all the answers you need on how you can make the online assessment system work the best way for you.

Some things to look for in the instructions page is:

The total number of questions

  • Full score
  • Passing rate
  • Passing score
  • Time limit, etc.


Online assessment systems have preset accounts and passwords which can be set to offer protection for the contents of the online examination you create. Participants then get to register themselves online in order to take the test. In this way, only those who are authorized get to take the online assessment. Apart from that, the user can also set domain hosting limitations as well.

Easy and Secure Login

Participants get to log into their online examinations by using their username and password in order to access the relevant pages for the completion of the test at the specified time. Once the test has begun, the user gets to complete it before the given time expires.

Time Reminder

As the time for submitting the exam grows near, the participants will be reminded by some alter audio that they need to submit the examination within the given period of time.

Types of Submission

When it comes to ways in which you can submit your test online, participants should be given the choice of using multiple ways. One way of submitting the test can be by submitting one question at a time, the other way to do that is by submitting all of the questions at the same time. While the former way means that the participants do not have a chance to review their answers before submission, in the later, participants do get a chance to go over their answers to see if there are correct before submission.

On-Line or Printed?

This is another area which is very important especially when finding out a good online assessment system. You should always make sure that the assessments can be published online and shared via email, or can be printed on paper as well along with a realistic print preview option. Participants then get a chance to access your tests from any platform be it desktop or mobile. The participants can then further learn from their mistakes by custom feedback messages. Apart from that, the ability to be able to make those assessments public or keep them private should also be in your hands.

Result Release

The best online assessment systems are those which allows the user to set their own time frame regarding the results, as in, set them for immediate release or a timed release. For instance, for those examinations and assessments that consist of objective questions, the total score can be automatically calculated when the test is over. This enables the participants to view their results instantly. But for some reason if you do not wish for the participants to be able to view the results when the assessment is over, or if there is a need for any manual grading then you can always go with the other option.

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By far, the best part about using online assessment software is that the participants get to take their assessments, surveys, quizzes and so on and get their results instantly while you get the advantage of the answers and statistics being automatically saved for review later on.

As you can see there are many useful features of using web-based and cross-platform assessment systems for creating and managing your own online quizzes, exams, and tests.

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