A Guide To Creating the Perfect Personality Quiz

A Guide To Creating the Perfect Personality QuizQuizzes have been around for more than half a century now. The history of quizzes dates back to World War II. BBC Radio used to broadcast the Air Raid Warden Bee where they would ask various questions to a live audience on everything from surviving a bombing raid to the materials used for creating a gas mask. These eventually became the knowledge quizzes we know and love!

With the dawn of the internet, various quiz creator software popped up. Personality Quizzes or Character Quizzes are a relatively new application of the quiz format. These quizzes use questions as a way to assign a character to a particular player.

They became popular with the advent of the internet boom with various types of character quizzes popping up.

There Are Two Major Types of Personality Quizzes:

  • Quizzes that directly reveal a personality or character
  • Quizzes that categorize a player into a group

They require a similar ideology behind them. Let this article be your guide to these ideological requirements.

Understanding How Such Quizzes Work

Personality quizzes work on a simple algorithm. There are no right or wrong answers. The available answers are assigned to a finite number of characters/personalities. At the end of the quiz, the character/personality that has the most options assigned to it, will be displayed as the final result.

The number of questions and options varies according to the number of characters; the quiz creator has complete control over them. In the case of two or more characters ending up having an equal amount of their assigned options, the character is selected on simple chronology.

Titling a Personality Quiz

The biggest challenge of creating a personality quiz is naming it. Knowledge quizzes are relatively easy to name. A quiz about Physics can simply be titled ‘Physics Quiz’ and nobody would bat an eyelid. Personality Quizzes are relatively harder.

Quizzes that assign a character have little choice when it comes to naming conventions. The simplest personality quiz title template would be
“What <topic> character are you?” This format works for almost every movie, game or book character.

Quizzes that categorize you into a group, a personality trait etc., follow a broad convention of titles simply because each topic differs and this is where your creativity can be put to good use. There are a lot of ways to title a grouping character quiz and following are some of the examples.

There is one common trait in both of them. They evoke curiosity. That is what the goal should be. These titles question the user without making them aware of it. This question is presented in a slightly imperative manner and that is what engages them. Questions that ask through doubt are also equally engaging.

Key Points for Providing Titles:

  • Titles should engage the user through doubt and/or mild command
  • They shouldn’t be more than one sentence
  • Keep the titles simple

Creating The Questions

The greatest advantage of making personality quizzes is the fact that two of them can repeat the same question and still give a different outcome. Check out various online quiz creators for sample questions. Questions for a personality quiz that group or assign a personality can be as simple or as complicated as the creator wants.

A new creator can keep the questions extremely simple.

For example “What is your favorite color?” , “Are you an evil person?” etc.

Quizzes that assign characters or personalities based on pop culture usually need a bit more research before creating the questions. Sure they can pull off the questions given above, but the particular questions that target the source material give a more personal feel to the Online quiz and make the player associate better with the quiz.

A character quiz about Harry Potter that asks about Boggarts will always do better than one that asks about favorite colors.

Key Points for Creating Questions:

  • Put in a few hours of research for better and more engaging questions
  • Try not to keep the options too obvious

Designing the Personality Section

The personality section is what makes a quiz worth playing, so make sure you concentrate enough time on it. There is no easy way to do it and it takes some patience and a lot of research and practice.

There are various aspects that need to be taken into consideration. The first step is to make sure that the options given in the questions match the personality that has been assigned to it. This is crucial for producing a great quiz.

The second step is to be as descriptive as you can be about personality. Further, remember to personalize the description to make the player actually feel like a particular character. Avoid writing about the character and write about how the character or personality is similar to the player.

The third and final step is to add an image corresponding to the final answer. Images help in making the final answer even more satisfying.

Key Points for Character Creation:

  • Personalize the character descriptions
  • Be careful in choosing images for quizzes that assign personality.

Take a look at this video to understand Personality Quizzes in detail. 


Creating a perfect quiz is hard since nothing can be perfect. But making a quiz that is accurate almost to a fault is certainly possible. A point left out above is that it takes practice to make a perfect personality quiz. So practice, hone skills and make the best quiz out there. Good Luck!

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