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Linux Tutorials & Articles

There is easily over 100 tutorials and articles for linux and how to do various things with it. This is not only for people who are studying linux but is a great resource for everyday users of linux as well.

Authored by: quinntessential  Category: Miscellaneous  Tags: linux redhat fedora viop gnome osx mysql wifi pda networking server

Linux+ TechNotes

A useful site with TechNote on various topics for Linux+ Also a practice exam on there which requires registration (free).

Authored by: Yuki  Category: Comptia Certification  Tags: linux+ - Compilation of Linux distributions

A very nice resource that helps in identifying the different flavors of Linux and a huge list of links, resources, and other information for just about any distro.

Authored by: cbrzana  Category: Software, OS & Applications  Tags: linux unix ubuntu red hat fedore debian slackware

Directory of Linux commands

Alphabetical Directory of Linux Commands. You can find just about every command for Linux here.

Authored by: ipchain  Category: IT Certification Exams  Tags: linux linux commands

LPI 101 Lab Exercises

An awesome training guide/lab manual that guides you as you perform various tasks in a Linux system. Great resource to utilize hands-on tasks to learn Linux.

Authored by: cbrzana  Category: IT Certification Exams  Tags: linux lpi redhat fedora suse debian slackware ubuntu unix

List of Linux Magazines

A nice list of Linux magazines (printed and electronic, paid subscriptions and free).

Authored by: cbrzana  Category: Software, OS & Applications  Tags: linux unix magazine ubuntu redhat centos suse debian

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