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The Secret Questions and Answers

  • What is the name of Emersons Art teacher?
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  • What is the theme of the years Art show?
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  • What are Cole and Rusty working on for the show?
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  •  What is the secret that would allow the business to keep operating for several years without generating any new revenue?

  • An annuity based business means you only have to sell the product to a customer once. True or False.  

  • Steph speaks about basics to help you build a big book. What are these? Choose the correct answer below:

  • In the Episode "Day of the Dead", who visited Mr Garibaldi?

  • When the Shadows decide to attack, what color beam weapon do they use?

  • In the episode GROPOS, where were the US Marines going to suppress the "evil" terrorists?

  • What motivates you every day?
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  • What can you say is the difference between you and other people?
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  • What do you wish to do in the near future?
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